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Hitchhiker's Guide to Cyberspace

In addition to "keeping the island informed", The Sark Newspaper carried a series of articles looking at how Sark can benefit from carving out its own corner of the internet.

They're intended as a non-technical introduction to the subject. If you'd like to know more, please get n touch via the Contact Us page.

The articles are available here with the kind permission of The Sark Newspaper. Just click on the link to download the pdf.

  1. Country Codes: their history and uses
  2. How Domains make sense of the internet
  3. From Country Code to Domain
  4. Looking after Sark on the internet
  5. Digital Sark: benefitting from a TLD

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The Sark Newspaper is written and published on Sark by resident islander Kevin Delaney.

You can visit it and read the latest issue here.