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Sark Flags

At the Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice marks Fief Day with Sark Flag - 6 Aug 2019. "Today we celebrate the historic and important relationship between the UK and Sark. To mark Fief Day, we are proud to continue the practice of flying Sark’s flag from @MoJGovUK." As pictured in the Guernsey Press from the neighbouring island.

On State Visits.

The Sark flag is flown to honour foreign dignitaries during State Visits to the UK. Here it is during the State Visit of the King and Queen of Spain in July 2017.

Sark Flag State Visit Thanks for the photo: © A Beaumont



Vexillology is the study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags.

The history of Sark's flag goes back to the "twin lions" of Normandy (and in heraldry, lions are known as leopards!).

It is flown proudly on Sark and wherever Sark is represented.