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Welcome to Sark

The Isle of Sark is a unique oasis of charm and calm in the Channel Islands.

Sark has been an independent legislature for 454 years since Queen Elizabeth granted the fief to Helier de Carteret. Its status remains unique to this day: not in the UK but a possession of the Crown (did you know Queen Elizabeth II is Duke of Normandy?).

Sadly, due to the current CORVID-19 Pandemic, Sark is in serious lockdown. No tourists or trippers means no hotels open and effectively no economy. You can keep up with the official news via the Chief Pleas link top left. There is also a Sark Pandemic Emergency Committee - link on the right.

Given the sever impact on the island economy, please consider supporting the Sark Procureurs' Sark Hardship Fund. Local people can give direct to the Sark Treasurer. There is also a Just Giving page for off-island friends of Sarkif you prefer.

If you've never visited Sark before, you should go when the current crisis is over. They'll be glad to see you when they re-open for that famous Sark Welcome. If you have visited Sark before, you'll agree with that.

Enjoy your trip!